Well it’s happened, whether I wanted it to or not, I have my first real job.

I I have to be honest, it’s nothing like I expected. I really enjoy what I do! I stayed in school as long as possible as the lost boy man child that I am to put off the inevitable of becoming an adult.

I write this today in the middle of a split shift after having taken 6 runs this morning waiting for my next shift. Mountain life is tough, but I have to say, it looks good on me 🙂


So what do I do and how to I get ski breaks? Serious questions with unbelievable answers honestly. I was hired as a survey administrator and a guest services representative. Sounds fancy, but basically I ski around all day, ask people questions, talk about how amazing Aspen/Snowmass is, and do whatever I can to say “yes” and to create the “Aspen” experience for anyone I come in contact with. The fact that I get paid and a free ski pass for this is beyond me! I am still in awe of this opportunity.

I’m excited to see where this opportunity will take me as I continue working my way up the company ladder.

While my time has come, I still refuse to grow up. However, I will stay long at heart for as long as possible!