The Necessity of Destination Audits Destination audits are the same as any other audit. The aim is to create a SWOT analysis in order to figure out the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Destination audits sometimes know as management plans, are created for managers to better understand the state of their entity. Destination audits are very useful for ski areas as one can compare ones resort to others, measure their various economic, social, environmental, and institutional standards as a whole. Also these audits provide clear information on the state of various activities of an entity. Many audits include transportation, events/festivals, attractions, dining, hotels, facilities, services, environmental activities, and outdoor recreation opportunities. Once the data is collected ski areas can use this information to figure where their strengths lie, areas of improvement, what opportunities exist, and various treats both internal and external. Once these tables are constructed, the ski areas can use the data when implementing future practices.

These audits are very important to the ski industry because the industry is always changing. Things are always changing. Marking practices, mountain management solutions, environmental issue, stakeholder issues, expansion needs, weather, and employee issues can all fall under categories that are addressed under a destination audit. The need for up to date destination audits to be up to date cannot be misunderstood as the industry is constantly changing.