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Growing up, technology and recently social media has been and integral part of my life. From here on out, these tools will be as much apart of us as reading and writing. I recently read that cursive is no longer being taught in elementary school, and computer literacy skills have taken their place. As a result of this changing demographic in technology, the tourism industry has caught on and is starting to use this as a marketing tool. Recently, I was talking with the new media manager for Winter Park ski area, and she said that roughly 90% of their marketing budget goes towards social media such as apps, Google maps, and other various activities over print products. Resorts have found that they are able to more effectively reach their target markets through the use of social media. When a company creates a face book page, they can pick and choose which demographics to show adds to that are based upon a person’s “likes”. As a result, a cheap and effective marketing tool. No longer is a large net cast out with hopes of a large catch. Now marketing managers can directly contact consumers in order to promote their products.

As many of you have surly seen, the use of apps in the ski industry has been growing rapidly. The implementation of EpicMix is a social media tool that tracks a variety of stats such as vertical feet, trails taken and how many days skied. This is secret marketing tool. Intra-west (owns Vail, Keystone, A-basin) collects this data to find out information on their consumers such as popular runs, and where and when people ski.

This new technology has revolutionized the world both in an economic and marketing sense as well as helping to fuel the fire in the revolutions in the Middle East over the past few years. It will be interesting to see where things go next.