Hey, I’m Alex

I am currently a student at Colorado State University studying Natural Resources Recreation and Tourism. While here, and throughout my life, I have had a strong tie to the natural environment. As a student at CSU, I wanted to find work that not only kept me close to the outdoors, but to get other people to experience the outdoors. I have learned much from the professors, especially from Dr. Stuart Cottrell, who is well-known in the tourism field due to the research he has completed.

I have skied my whole life and wish to work for one of the major ski resorts in the west. I hope to apply sustainable tourism practices to various ski entities to create a more enjoyable customer experience, while not degrading the natural or built environment. There are four dimensions which must be applied to create an experience that is replicable without hindering any aspects of the tourism experience.

I wish to prove myself as a knowledgeable person who will be joining the professional tourism industry shortly. My aim is to provide my outlook on current sustainable tourism development issues and potential suggestions about how to manage and mitigate issues including the four dimensions of sustainability, public relations, as well as other facets of the tourism industry.